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Up and coming events

The  Jazz Mob is a regular gig on the fourth Monday of the month in an interesting pub run by a local cooperative. It has a piano with actual strings!

It’s a few minutes walk from King’s Cross station.

This month we will feature some some songs of the late great Michel Legrand e.g. What are you doing the rest of your life?

You must believe in Spring,

The summer knows

Watch what happens…

Directly opposite the east side exit of Kew Gardens is a unique little Cafe seating around 25 people. The proprietress Yukari loves piano music and has installed a beautiful Fazioli grand piano, Italy's answer to Steinway. Concerts in various styles take place place there. No amplification is allowed but who needs it in such a small place? You can just drink a tea or coffee or order from the Japanese orientated menu. No alcohol is served but you can bring your own or take your pick from the off-licence conveniently positioned opposite.

Robert Mitchell kicks off this new series allowing the greatest pianists in London to release the treasures within this beautiful instrument.

Jazz on the Faz is on the third Sunday of the month.