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For those who have not yet ventured to Cafe Yukari it is directly opposite the east side exit of Kew Gardens, a unique little Cafe seating around 25 people. The proprietress Yukari loves piano music and has installed a beautiful Fazioli grand piano, Italy's answer to Steinway. No amplification is allowed but who needs it in such a small place where every seat is front row?

At Cafe Yukari you can just drink a tea or coffee or order from the Japanese orientated menu. No alcohol is served but you can bring your own or take your pick from the off-licence conveniently positioned opposite

Jonny is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Music where he studied the organ, and has a Master's Degree in Jazz Piano from Trinity Laban.

​Exposed to classical music during his youth, Jonny was playing the Church Organ at Mass every Sunday from the age of 13. During his late teen years, although progressing rapidly as an organist, Jonny discovered jazz.

While studying the organ at the Academy, Jonny became deeply immersed in the jazz genre. The inspiration and lure of jazz music drove Jonny to teach himself jazz piano in his spare time. It was also during this time that he started composing his own music. His obsession with jazz harmony led him to discover other genres such as Latin, Funk, Soul, Gospel and House, which provide a strong influence in his music.

Jonny’s music blends his life experiences with great musical influences. From Bach to Herbie Hancock, Lyle Mays to Addex, Jonny is destined to share his richly blended sound with the world.

His debut EP “New Days & Past Times” is out now, which features 5 of his original compositions and can be heard on Spotify.

To book tickets email me on bobstuckey@gmail.com, or clicker here to book online.

Or if you’re in the area, directly  from  the cafe.

Representing the up and coming generation….

And  the day after, at the other end of town the mob will assemble to distract you from the surrounding dramas.

The Sunday after, the 27 October, pianist Terence Collie has invited saxophonist Richard Halligan to join him. It promises to be an engaging evening. Tickets can be booked at the cafe or by clicking here

Designer Sue Smallwood