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Up and coming events

The King Charles I is a a community pub five minutes walk from the transport hub King’s Cross with a very special atmosphere and a joanna with real strings.

At Cafe Yukari you can just drink a tea or coffee or order from the Japanese orientated menu. No alcohol is served but you can bring your own or take your pick from the off-licence conveniently positioned opposite

And where is this Yukari’s place? Directly opposite the east side exit of Kew Gardens is a unique little Cafe seating around 25 people. The proprietress Yukari loves piano music and has installed a beautiful Fazioli grand piano, Italy's answer to Steinway. No amplification is allowed but who needs it in such a small place where every seat is front row?  

  Please send comments, updates and corrections to bobstuckey@gmail.com

 You can book at the cafe, by emailing bobstuckey@gmail.com or bonline by clicking   here for Kate Williams.

The day after the Kate William's concert on the other side of town   Bob's Jazz Mob will be invading the Charles I pub  Monday 22nd Leading the invasion will be vocalists Lisa Feldman, Ailsa Chamley, and Marissa Wessler with piano and bass accompaniment from the usual supects. 8pm entrance free at 55-57 Northdown St, N1 9BL. Delicious nosh can be ordered in from the local restaurants.

On the Sunday 28th back in Kew saxophonist Duncan Eagles will be the guest of pianist Terence Collie at 7.30. Tickets can be reserved at the Cafe Yukari or by clicking here